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The INFORMATION CONNECTOR is a 11 × 17 free strategic publication and Eblast used for readers who are always seeking information about events, news, businesses, and entertainment happenings in the community. Advertising with us helps to create a better marketing source for your business, It also helps the reader and the advertiser to gain valuable information about businesses that may become a resourceful entity. Both the reader and the advertiser gain valuable information about other opportunities that may be resourceful for their needs.

The Benefits of Advertising with the Information Connector

  • Ads are less expensive.

  • It attracts loyal customers who deserve your business respectfully.

  • Reading is easy and to the point and take about 15 minutes to read.

  • Distributed in resourceful locations.

  • Ads are uniquely designed by you the client for the Information Connector, so advertisers achieve outstanding results that extend their advertising commitment.


Who reads the Information Connector

Readers of all ages enjoy the features and information provided.


Features in the Information Connector

Business Advertising, FYI, News,Trivia Questions, Quotes, Jokes, Luck Numbers, Horoscope, Puzzles, Health Tips...more


Price List

Business card size (3 x 2) $45.00 Weekly with 4 weeks = 180.00 Monthly 

Flyer card size (4 x 3) $65.00 Weekly with  4 weeks = 260.00 Monthly 

Ads can be sent electronically as JPEG, (PDF preferred).

Discount prices available upon order. 

For more information call: 919-665-1118 or 919-255-2757


The website format will be enlarged as sampled below.

The background color is subject to change.